toilet papers

i remember seeing the second design while researching on the toilet bowl..
and together with the first design that i just saw,
i think that its possible to merge these 2 ideas together..
while you are using the toilet,
able to listen to songs and at the same time,
play a short game..
making the process more fun.


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folk spoon

i saw this and i thought that its very innovative.
with the design, it looks durable..
and at the same time, its also very convenient as its now a 2 in 1.
i can eat noodles and drink soup at the same time..
it may not be very fun,
but i think that its designed for the benefits of the user.

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i think that i desperately need this product.
I often lay on the bed at night, thinking..
and sometimes, ideas just came out of nowhere.
however, i am often quite lazy to get out of bed again,
to my table and jot them down on the notebook..

often, i would forget about it the next day.

And with this pillow,
i can just get the special pen, and jot them down on the pillow..
and it can be washed away easily using water..
now, i got my reminders well even on bed..

very convenient(:

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bottle hanger

i think that this idea is very interesting..
with different legth of the bottle,
the hanger will have fit shirts of different sizes as well..
so for example,
if i want to hang a baby clothing,
i can easily detect the bottle..
and attach a smaller bottle to fit the baby clothing..


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edible cup
People has all been thinking..
how to save the earth?
how to reduce, reuse and recycle?
how to stop people from littering?
However, the designers who created the cups were smart..
They used jelloware, an incredibly yummy version of disposable — or rather edible — cups..
i think that its very fun..
i can eat and drink at the same time..
its like..the cone ice cream.
i used the cone to hold the ice cream
and at the same time, the cone is edible as well..
moreover, if its a pinic or bbq session,
the cups will have flavor on it..
and, after one whole day of fun,
the bag will be lighter without the weight of the cups.

just one problem…
wont it be troublesome to do your own cups before?
and, how many cups do i need to make for one bbq session?~

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are signs productive enough?

I was having discussion with a group of friends and i saw this sign on the table that we were using..
no studying..
well, we were actually studying..
which makes me wonder if people actually do follow according to the signs.
example..”do not little”
but yet, people still little them like crazy even though there are rubbish bins everywhere.

my groupmates were suppsoed to come up with something to motivate people of returning their own trays to the tray station..
well, maybe signs reminder is one way..but i doubt its the best method.

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open close lamp

I like this idea..
of how it can be open and close..
when you sleep, there will be a dim light..
so, it will still be able to sleep well and at the same time, able to see the surrounding when you wake up..
and when the lamp is open, it is also bright enough..

Personal improvement..
Since its only open and close,
the opacity of the lights will only be like example 35% or 100%..
i think it will be better if its able to adjust the opacity of the lighting..

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